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Glyphosate is bad for you. New studies and second conviction coming to the USA

Glyphosate is harmful, even at levels of exposure hitherto believed to be 'safe'. The latest study published in 'Environmental Health ' a few days before the go-ahead in the second case for damages in a US court, for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma occurred to a habitual user of Roundup.

In the USA and Canada like in Europe - where has recently emerged Bayer-Monsanto's funding to the ALDE center political group (Alliance for Liberals and Democrats in Europe) - meanwhile the poisonous spraying continues without care. Across the Atlantic even in the post-harvest phase, to dry out cereals and legumes in adverse weather conditions.

Glyphosate, endocrine interference even at doses so far believed to be 'safe'

The development of the reproductive system it can be compromised by exposure to glyphosate even at doses hitherto considered safe. Not only. Commercial formulations, such as the well-known Roundup, reveal toxicity profiles higher than those of the active ingredient in its pure state. This is what emerges from the new scientific study, coordinated by the Ramazzini Institute and published in the scientific journal 'Environmental Health'. (1) The University of Bologna, the San Martino Hospital of Genoa, the Higher Institute of Health, the University of Copenhagen, the Federal University of Paranà, the 'Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai'of New York and the George Washington University.

From the prenatal stage to adulthood, GBHs (Glyphosate Based Herbicides) they have 'induced endocrine effects and altered reproductive development parameters', explains prof. Melissa J. Perry of George Washington University, 'at doses comparable to those to which people are exposed in their everyday living environment, including through the food they consume. The results of this study demonstrate a major impact on hormone production that should not be ignored. This study will provide valuable information for a clearer human health risk assessment '. (2)

Prof. Alberto Mantovani of the ISS, an internationally renowned toxicologist, focuses on the 'greater evidence of endocrine and developmental effects in the commercial formulation based on glyphosate compared to an equivalent dose of pure glyphosate. The indication that other components present in commercial formulations may significantly increase the toxicity of glyphosate certainly deserves further investigation '. Previous studies had already shown the herbicide's association with various adverse affects, including alteration of the microbiome during development and before puberty.

Scientific risk assessment, necessary studies

A campaign of through crowdfunding was launched to fund a comprehensive scientific study on the long-term effects on human health of glyphosate and GBHs. (3) The goal of budget it is ambitious (5 million euros) and there will be no shortage of study material, since 1974 million tons of GBHs have been released into the environment since 8,6. Consumption has increased 15 times since the introduction of GMO seeds whose diffusion - as demonstrated in the free ebook 'GMO the Big Scam'- has served precisely to increase the sales of pesticides.

The market of agrotoxic, on a global level, it has indeed a triple value compared to that of seeds, with much higher margins than just on Roundup they are double or triple compared to other products. And it is equally dominated by four monopolists. The research will therefore serve to identify the damage that glyphosate has already caused and will continue to produce on ecosystems and public health, due to its percolation in surface and groundwater. In view of its desirable ban on its use on a planetary scale, which will have to be followed by a more careful assessment of the risks associated with the new broad-spectrum pesticides that will succeed it. As the dicamba, whose respective GMOs'herbicide resistant'have already been approved in the EU as well. (4)

Independent studies and transparency are loudly demanded by civil society. (4) The 'full discovery', the making available to the public of all the documents considered in the Efsa assessment procedures (European Food Safety Authority). An important signal in this sense comes from the EU Court, which on 7.3.19 annulled the decisions by which Efsa had denied access to studies on the carcinogenicity and toxicity of glyphosate. (5)

In recent weeks, among other things, it was decided to transfer the investigations to a Glyphosate Assessment Group (AGG, Assessment Group on Glyphosate) made up of France, Hungary, the Netherlands and Sweden. Subtracting them from Germany, until now delegated to examine her. (6)

bayer-Monsanto, green light in the US for the second cause for damages from non-Hodgkins lymphoma

Bayer shares they recorded the most drastic drop in 16 years in one day of trading. 8 billion euros, 12,5% ​​of the share capital, was burned in a single day. Following the green light, on 19.3.19, to the second cause for compensation for damages at the District Court 'Northern California'. And once again - as in the first case, which led to the first exemplary condemnation Bayer-Monsanto (US $ 289 million, reduced on appeal a 78) by the Court itself - the injured party is a professional user of Roundup who contracted the linfoma not Hodgkin.

The verdict unanimous of the 6 members of the jury, at the end of the first hearing, recognizes the admissibility of the compensation action. 'Mr. Hardeman has overwhelming evidence that his exposure to glyphosate is a substantial factor in the cause of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma.'. (7) The next hearing will be used to ascertain the actual responsibility of the first producer of the most widespread pesticide in the world. And decide the amount of the compensation, on the basis of which the German giant can also decide to start negotiations in view of the possible conciliatory solution (Alternative dispute resolution) of at least part of the cases that will follow.

The model of business of the agro-toxic supply chain begins to show the ropes. Pesticides make the planet sick but also its poisoners. So much so that Bayer, in the few months since the acquisition of Monsanto (in June 2018), has lost 36% of its share value. The legal actions proposed so far and still pending, in the United States alone, are approximately 11.200. And many others will be able to follow, on every continent, the universal principles of law according to which 'the polluter pays' and 'the sick pays'. (8)

# Égalité!

Dario Dongo and Sabrina Bergamini


(1) Fabiana Manservisi, Corina Lesseur, Simona Panzacchi, Daniele Mandrioli, Laura Falcioni, Luciano Bua, Marco Manservigi, Marcella Spinaci, Giovanna Galeati, Alberto Mantovani, Stefano Lorenzetti, Rossella Miglio, Anderson Martino Andrade, David Møbjerg Kristensen, Melissa J. Perry, Shanna H. Swan, Jia Chen, Fiorella Belpoggi '(2019). The Ramazzini Institute 13-week pilot study glyphosate-based herbicides administered at human-equivalent dose to Sprague Dawley rats: effects on development and endocrine system'. Environmental Health. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12940-019-0453-y

(2) See Ramazzini Institute press release, 12.3.19,

(3) Initiative of through crowdfunding for research on glyphosate and GBHs, su https://glyphosatestudy.org/

(4) See previous article 'Glyphosate increases risk of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, new study’,

(5) EU General Court, cases T-716/14 Anthony C. Tweedale / European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and T-329/17 Hautala and Others / EFSA, judgment 7.3.19,

(6) V. 'European Commission - Current status of glyphosate in the EU'

(7) US District Court, Northern District of California, Edward Hardeman vs. Monsanto Company. The records of the hearing 19.3.19 on https://usrtk.org/wp-content/uploads/bsk-pdf-manager/2019/03/Trial-Transcript-The-Verdict-March-19-2019.pdf

(8) At least 3 million families in Vietnam still await compensation for the damage caused by Agent Orange, a Made in USA herbicide used as a chemical weapon between 1962 and 1971. V. https://www.greatitalianfoodtrade.it/consum-attori/monsanto-il-vietnam-annuncia-richiesta-di-risarcimento

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