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Fruit, benefits already with two servings a day

The antioxidants contained in fruit have a 'life-saving' effect. It emerges from a research conducted by the Karolinska Institutet of Stockholm and published in 'Circulation', which showed a marked reduction in the risk of aneurysm and rupture of the abdominal aorta associated with the daily consumption of two portions of fruit.

The study investigated the relationship between lifestyle and health conditions by following 80.000 volunteers, aged between 46 and 84, for three decades. It emerged that in consumers of at least two portions of fruit a day, the probability of pathological dilation of the most important arterial vessel in the human body was reduced by 25% and that which could break by 43%. The benefit, measured with respect to a daily intake of less than one serving, is even more pronounced when compared with the absence of fruit from the daily diet (the protection from the two monitored risks rises to 31% and 39% respectively).

The protective effect has clearly been attributed to the antioxidants present in fresh fruit, whose health benefits are subject to continuous confirmations scientific.


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