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Bergamot and wild thistle useful in reducing fatty liver disease. Clinical study

Bergamot and wild thistle help reduce fatty liver disease. This is demonstrated by the randomized clinical study conducted at the Department of Medicine at the University of Magna Grecia in Catanzaro and published on 11.8.20 on Frontiers in Endocrinology. (1)

Fatty liver disease, epidemic in progress

Fatty liver disease non alcoholic - Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD), or 'fatty liver syndrome' - is an asymptomatic disease that has been spreading like an epidemic for some years now. First in the USA and the American continent, then also in Europe and elsewhere. It is among the non-communicable diseases (Non-Communicable Diseases, NCDs) whose prevalence is attributed to habitual consumption of junk food and unbalanced diets.

sugar e Palm oil they are at the top of the list of substances whose contribution to the diet is directly associated with the onset of steatosis. Which can degenerate into non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis, NASH) and fibrosis, with inflammation and damage to liver cells. Finally, liver cirrhosis and carcinomas.

Looking for a cure

The only hope of salvation from steatosis lies in the drastic correction of the diet. Elimination of junk food and alcoholic beverages, weight reduction. There are currently no drugs to treat this disease, although research is ongoing and several clinical trials are ongoing. Neither single phytocompounds useful for the purpose have been identified to date.

This approach under review evaluated the efficacy, in the treatment of NAFLD, of a nutraceutical product in capsules containing a combination of one polyphenolic fraction bergamot and cinarina artichoke extract (Cynara cardunculus). (2) Through a randomized, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial involving 102 non-diabetic patients with fatty liver disease. (3)

Bergamot and wild thistle, a promising contribution

French researchers they administered one capsule of the nutraceutical based on bergamot and wild thistle (300 mg / day) for 12 consecutive weeks. Finding an appreciable reduction in the controlled attenuation parameter (PAC) - measurement index used to evaluate, through non-invasive analysis, the degree of elasticity or rigidity of the liver (fibrosis) and the percentage of fat in the liver (steatosis) - in the participants over the age of 50. (4)

Bergamot and wild thistle can therefore constitute a promising complement to non-pharmacological measures commonly used to counteract the onset and progression of hepatic steatosis. Finally, the development of research is suggested to confirm the results and evaluate whether long-term treatment can actually reduce the severity of NAFLD.

Dario Dongo and Serena Lazzaro


(1) Yvelise Ferro, Tiziana Montalcini, Elisa Mazza, Daniela Foti, Elvira Angotti, Micaela Gliozzi, Saverio Nucera, Sara Paone, Ezio Bombardelli, Ilaria Aversa, Vincenzo Musolino, Vincenzo Mollace, Arturo Pujia. (2020). Randomized Clinical Trial: Bergamot Citrus and Wild Cardoon Reduce Liver Steatosis and Body Weight in Non-diabetic Individuals Aged Over 50 Years. Front. Endocrinol. 11.8.20 https://doi.org/10.3389/fendo.2020.00494

(2) Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives, patents RM2008A000615, PCT / IB2009 / 055061 and 102017000040866. The products used in the study were made available by Herbal & Antioxidant Srl, Bianco (Reggio Calabria)

(3) Randomized controlled trials randomly assign participants to two groups. The experimental group, which receives the intervention, is a control group which is given a placebo (or conventional treatment).
The double-blind study (double-blind controlled) is characterized because even the person administering the product ignores the nature of the product (test or placebo)

(4) The average age of the study participants is still 51 years, + 9 years

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