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San Daniele raw ham, high quality

The famous San Daniele raw ham comes exclusively from the selected meat of pigs reared in ten regions of central-northern Italy. The legs of raw ham must absolutely remain fresh, in no way frozen, until they arrive in the town of San Daniele del Friuli, where they are processed respecting the rhythm of the seasons and with the sole use of sea salt, without the addition of chemical additives or preservatives.

The climatic characteristics and the geographical position of this small town make it an ideal place for maturing. The winds that descend from the Carnic Alps meet with those coming from the Adriatic Sea, bringing resinous and at the same time brackish scents. Added to this is a microclimate governed by the morainic lands and the flow of the Tagliamento river.

The long history of Prosciutto San Daniele PDO has seen it protagonist on the tables of great personalities, such as the Doges of Venice and Napoleon, the Savoy and the tenants of the sacred apostolic palaces of Rome. Today, the ham factories officially adhering to the Consortium of producers are 29, with a production capacity of about 3 million per year of raw ham with protected designation of origin.


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