GS1 Workshop Explains Details

In preparation for the implementation of new European community food label requirements, GS1 Italy (Indicod-Ecr) the association that works to spread standards adopted at the global level, has organized a workshop in Milan for Monday November 18, 2013 at the Swiss Center on Via Palestro.

The roundtable is aimed at food producing and distribution companies, offering them an in depth look at the technical and judicial aspects for the formats the new regulations require. They will be obligatory in the EU from 2014. The theme of long-distance sales of food products will also be addressed during the conference.

The event is from 10am to 1pm, and is open to everyone through registration. The agenda is filled with speakers with concrete expertise. A preview of the changes can also be found in the free e-book “L’etichetta”, published by Il Fatto Alimentare.