potato gnocchi

potato gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi, Recipes as Unique as Italy

Potato gnocchi are a masterpiece of Italian culinary tradition, and perhaps the most recent edition (dating to the 16th century) to the recipes for gnocchi repertoire. It is a rich, nutritious dish with a taste has conquered the palates of Italians for centuries. The hint of potatoes render these little treasures suitable for a wide array of potato gnocchi sauces, including tomatoes, cheese, butter, pesto, herbs, mushrooms, seafood and beyond.

The origins of potato gnocchi date back to the period when this revolutionary tuber, the potato, was discovered  and brought to Europe from the Americas. Before that, this culinary masterpiece was produced with different flours and the addition of breadcrumbs. The spread of the extraordinary potato recipe is fairly new, reaching the entire peninsula during the 1700s, taking the place of pasta in many traditional recipes.

If you are unsure on which sauces to employ, don’t think too hard. The potato “gnocco” to die for with Gorgonzola, exalt tomato passata sauce, and are surprisingly delicate. A 250 gram portion reaches about 360 kcal). In general, they marry well with a plethora of Italian flavors!

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