Gnocchi sauce

Gnocchi sauce

Gnocchi sauce, delicious recipes ideas

Gnocchi sauce, quick and tasty recipes to note down. Gnocchi, either made with flour (wheat, or chestnut) or even with the use of other ingredients (potato or pumpkin two of the very famous examples), are perhaps the only kinds of pasta capable of combining extremely well with any seasoning.

Looking at cookbooks of medieval pastas, gnocchi are eggless. No egg means less moisture, which adds to the richness.

Among the gnocchi recipes the most popular are the ones with tomato and cheese, often elaborated with moldy or soft cheeses like gorgonzola and taleggio. You can use an Italian ready-made sauce, or simply butter and sage (“white”) in combination with this easy to cook dish (just boil it in salted water).

The king of sauce to flavor gnocchi, chicche (smaller gnocchi) and (to name one, potato) gnocchi is pesto, a sauce that manages to marry perfectly the freshness of the basil with the gentle warmth of the dough cooked to perfection. Meat lovers can try the recipes with Bolognese ragù or venison. Or, if you love experimenting with a different kind of sauce, there are so many possibilities, you will be amazed by tasting them with sausage, or eggplant, parsley and mozzarella and still with zucchini and shrimp. A sauce for every occasion, ideal for any type of event.

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