Gnocchi recipe

Gnocchi recipe

Gnocchi Recipe, Starting with the Humble Potato

The gnocchi recipe is one of the most imaginative pages out of the compendium of Italian culinary magic. Potato gnocchi are perhaps better known for the wide variety of sauces they accommodate, but gnocchi recipes stretch beyond to include the appetizing and the unfathomable.

It is indeed difficult to capture the entire panorama of the gnocchi recipe due to the limitless variations that can occur among the pasta dough, preparations, and the sauce used for condiment. The apex of the pyramid, the potato gnocchi recipe, originates in the southern town of Sorrento in the 16th century with the importation of potatoes to the bel paese from the new world. The recipe spread throughout the peninsula, with a specific day of the week (Thursday) dedicated to it in Rome, and even became a famous dish at the carnival of Verona.

For an interesting twist on the “gnocco” (the gn is pronounced like the n in onion), try those made using a pumpkin base, adding flour to a traditional puree. This autumnal surprise is easy to make and delicious. An additional gnocchi recipe calls for gorgonzola, and yet another taleggio. Prepare them as your whim dictates. The recipes will never fail to astonish!

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