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Gluten free gnocchi

Gluten free gnocchi, excellent pasta ideas

Gluten free gnocchi, why deprive yourself of this special pasta when gluten intolerant? And among the different types of pasta, specifically of gluten free pasta there are also numerous recipes for these dumpligs. They are very simple to prepare at home, but easy to find in specific supermarkets, as well. Italian brands are always able to give unique products, satisfying any kind of demands.

The recipe typically requires the use of a base of rice flour, mixed with potato puree (as for the most classic) obtained with a vegetable mill. You can decide if you want to boil, steam or bake the potatoes. At this point the preparation of gluten free gnocchi sees differences, partly because of the combination of seasonings. You can add cheese, carrots, eggs, or even seek alternatives. Then simply form a homogeneous mixture and then obtain small balls (or gnocchi), to be cooked in boiling salted water.

There are many kinds of flavors to discover: delicious and sought after are, for example, the gnocchi of amaranth, made by mixing together stracchino, ricotta and egg. They cook similarly to the other types without crumbling, they can be frozen and dressed with any type of sauce.



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