Gnocchi, Taste of Italian Ingenuity

Gnocchi are a timeless Italian specialty. Recipes for gnocchi span the globe, but similar to types of pasta, they reach unparalleled greatness in Italy. Gnocchi are defined as small boiled dumplings. They are fast and easy to cook, yet attain the highest levels of culinary expression. Among numerous variations, potato gnocchi are the most famous, with other delicacies including those made using chestnut flour.

They are irregular oval in shape, and follow the local traditions of their territories of origin. If the celebrated potato gnocchi are almost totally dominant, every region and city has a unique creation. Examples include alla sorrentina (with tomato passata and melted mozzarellafior di latte cheese), roman-style (baked semolina gnocchi), or stuffed.

Myriad flours, water, salt and in some recipes for gnocchi – egg and potato – they summon ancestral flavors typical of Italian tables. Ingredients can be mixed into the dough – chard, pumpkin, and saffron – to obtain different colors and tastes. As pastas, sauce is used that employ a base of tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil or butter – burro e salvia (sage) is a must try. There are about 200 calories in 250 grams of the product, but much depends on the condiment!

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potato gnocchi

Potato Gnocchi, Recipes as Unique as Italy Potato gnocchi are a masterpiece of Italian culinary tradition, and perhaps the most recent edition (dating to the 16th century) to the recipes for gnocchi repertoire. It is a rich, nutritious dish with a taste has conquered the palates of...

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