Gelato Ingredients

Gelato Ingredients

Gelato ingredients, Italian means the best flavor

According to traditional Italian recipes, the motto for gelato ingredients is “the fresher the better”, meaning no preservatives. The components change based on the type of Italian gelato the gelataio is preparing – for example, all that is necessary is water and fruit for sorbetti – and the flavor that is being produced.

Among the primary gelato ingredients is milk, whole or skimmed, but always fresh for high-quality, handmade gelato. For industrial production it is powdered, condensed or substituted by caseins or whey, to which refined vegetable fats and shorting are added in the place of cream. The same criteria goes for the egg: for mass-market output it is introduced in the form of a pasteurized or dehydrated mix, corrected with an emulsifier. Gelato ingredients are topped off by sugar, usually sucrose.

The list of gelato ingredients is completed by the specific raw materials for each flavor. Authentic ingredients for handcrafted gelato, rather than the semi-finished fare with additives for long conservation, and crumbled foods (like chocolate), instead of processed mixes. The paste that is obtained is subjected to pasteurization, homogenization and whipping. It is then put into the cooler until it reaches the right consistency for consumption.

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