Gelato Flavors

Gelato Flavors

Gelato flavors, hazelnut. chocolate and beyond

Just how many Gelato flavors are there to choose from? The range has grown to include over 100 standards. Connoisseurs of tradition prefer classic Italian gelato flavors, but the creative work of master gelatai is nearly limitless. Next to seasonal fruit, one finds nuts – like pistachio, walnut and hazelnut gelato, especially in those areas where these are harvested. Delicious combinations are also rampant – such as chocolate and sour black cherry – in addition to experimental ones.

It is the more traditional flavors that take the lion’s share. Strawberry, lemon, chestnut – and depending on the season – melon, pear, and kiwi sit high on the list of preferences. The same is true for creams hazelnut, chocolate and Zabaione. Simple gelato flavors that perpetuate the much deserved fame of this uniquely Italian product.

There is even space for innovative, non-conformist flavors that showcase other Made in Italy specialties – Parmigiano Reggiano, Gorgonzola and Pecorino. Almost provocative in nature, compared to what is expected, and traditionally sweet.

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