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Ice cream as medicine

Ice cream as medicine, an Italian study says

Ice cream as medicine. This is the discovery by the cardiologist from Rome's University of Tor Vergata, Valerio Sanguigni, patenting Powelinux, a beneficial ice cream with a coconut, nut and green tea taste. The recipe was examined in a study published in the scientific magazine Nutrition, according to which the high antioxidizing content in the tasty mix favors cardiovascular wellbeing and optimizes sport performance.

The 'medicine ice cream' was tested on 14 people aged from 20 to 38. The volunteers were subject to blood tests before and after tasting a 100-gm ice cream cone, and then did bike exercise. The result is surprising. Two hours after consumption, polyphenol blood values ​​rose significantly, as did nitric oxide, which improves microcirculation. Also, on the physical test the participants reached the same goals with less heart effort.

For the professor, this is the unreleased proof an ice cream may act as natural medicine. This is all thanks to antioxidizers like dry fruit (nuts), coco beans and green tea, which better conserve beneficial properties if treated at a low temperature.

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