Full of Fruit and Spice

Picolit is an amber coloured wine with golden undertones that vary in intensity according to how long the grape clusters have been dried at the time the wine is made. It has a warm and seductive bouquet, with notes of spices and candied fruit. It is elegant and harmonious to the nose. To the palate, Picolit offers a refreshing contrast, while maintaining its rich structure and painstaking balance. Its finish is clean and elegant.

Moments after a good meal can be filled with meditative magic with Picolit wine, combining equally well with herbed and aged cheeses, and especially Gorgonzola. It is wonderful with Pecorino Sardo and goat cheese, too. Another succulent foray can be explored with Foie Gras, or dark chocolate, in addition to caramelized fruits, dried fruit and nuts. It should be served at a temperature of between 13-16°C in a small tulip-shaped glass. Open and enjoy.