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Almond from Avola

Almond of Avola, scent of Sicily

La Almond from Avola is a traditional Sicilian product. It is grown in the south-eastern area of Sicilia, in the provinces of Syracuse and Ragusa, the sunniest in Italy. On the market it is recognized by the trademark (reproduced in the image) created by the protection consortium (consorziomandorlaavola.it), which guarantees its origin. Widely used in the renowned Made in Italy sugared almonds, it is good and healthy even when consumed as it is, by virtue of its excellent organoleptic and nutritional properties. Just one example: it contains triple the polyphenols present in the Californian almond.

The Mandorla di Avola denomination can only be used for three almond cultivars, also known to be the most valuable on international markets:

- Pizzuta. It is characterized by a hard and smooth shell, dotted with small pores. The extraordinary aroma and the regularity of the shapes make it the preferred type for the highest quality productions.

- bundle. It also has a delicate and tasty fragrance, but the shape is not very elegant, rounded and pointed. It is used in confectionery and pastry.

- Romana. It is characterized by its rich and full flavor, but its minute and irregular appearance makes it ideal almost exclusively for use as an ingredient in typical Italian almond-based sweets.

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