Fruitylife Analysis

Healthy, safe and organic are the characteristics of fruit and vegetables that are increasingly asked for by consumers. The trend is clearly visible in research carried out by Fruitylife, a European project aimed at promoting fresh produce among shoppers.

In the countries monitored by Fruitylife, organic fruit and vegetable consumption has experienced a decisive increase. This is a sign that food that is healthy for the body and safe for the environment is being sought after more. In Italy, fresh organic produce and related products have seen growth of 8%. In France it has gone up 6%, and in Germany it is a market worth 1.8 billion euros.

Specific tastes vary. According to data collected by Fruitylife, Italians have a preference for nectarines, tangerines and kiwi, while for vegetables they choose lettuce, chicory, asparagus and cucumber. The French prefer apples, pears, oranges and tomatoes. The Germans the tomato and apple.