types of oranges

Types of oranges: the renowned tarocco and navel

Types of oranges: Italian tarocco and navel, these are just two of the numerous different types grown in orange and citrus groves and greenhouses around Italy. Undoubtedly the types of oranges mostly cultivated in the beautiful country are the tarocco and navel and some typically produced in Sicily and Campania got the Protected Geographical Status IGP.

They are divided into two major types related to inside color and pulp: reddish and blonde. The former, more suitable for juices, are the Sicilian red, the moro, the tarocco oranges and the sanguinello. The latter – the best to eat – are: the navel oranges, the Naveline and the oval. All of these types and designations possess a matching particular characteristic (peel thickness, amount of juice, pigmentation, greater or lesser degree of sweetness).

This fruit is used for its properties (rich in vitamin C and ascorbic acid) in many preparations. In most diets they are recommended for their efficiency in reducing the absorption of fat. Utilized by Chefs in a lot of varied types of recipes. In addition to jams and cakes, they have become the main component of mouth-watering dishes like tempting desserts and amazing salads, as well as with duck and casseroles.

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