Walnuts, nutrition equals taste

At least three walnuts a day are recommended by nutritionists to take advantage of the precious nutrients this ancient fruit contains. There are different types of Italian walnuts, but the nutrition profile includes essential fatty acids like Omega 3, the benefits of which are known by experts and consumers alike. Eating walnuts for health begins when they are fresh around the end-of-year holidays, and continues throughout the four seasons in the Italian diet.

Sicily and Lazio are among the most important areas for growing Italian walnuts, with the Sorrento Peninsula in Campania tops the list. This is home to the much esteemed ‘Sorrento’ variety, a medium-sized, oval nut that matures in late September. In central-northern Italy, as well as colder southern regions you find the ‘Franquette’, with the ‘Hartley’ varietal suited for every latitude.

A significant ingredient in many traditional Italian desserts and delicious with honey, walnuts are an ideal healthy snack. They also show surprising versatility, used as a variant to pine nuts in pesto, and even in Nocino, a walnut-based liquor. They are a near superfood.

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