Hazelnuts, benefits and calories

Italian hazelnuts offer the kind of taste explosion that only people who have had the pleasure of tasting a Tozzetto, a typical Italian biscotto, soaked in Vin Santo, know. Hazelnuts benefits and their calories are famous internationally, in addition to their sweet flavor, and the aroma of caramel, honey and nuts that emanates when they are toasted.

Calories in hazelnuts also make the perfect healthy snack. Hazelnuts benefits impact on the cardiovascular system, muscles and skin.

Italy is the world’s second largest producer. In the area known as the Tuscia between the cities of Rome and Viterbo in Lazio, hazelnut trees grow according to their own rhyme and reason, creating an enchanting landscape. This amazing countryside is the birthplace of Roman DOP Italian hazelnuts. Further north in the areas of Cuneo, Asti and Alessandria in Piedmont, the protagonist are the Piemonte IGP, while near Salerno in Campania there is the Giffoni IGP. Complete the bouquet of varieties with those from Piacenza and Messina, and here is an Italian specialty that is exported throughout the globe.

The benefits of hazelnuts as a good source of calories render them the ideal union of health and gusto.

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