Avola Almond

Avola Almond

Avola Almond, fragrance of Sicily

The Avola Almond is a Traditional Sicilian Product. It is grown in the South East zone of Sicily, in the provinces Siracusa and Ragusa, Italy’s sunniest. In business it is recognized by the brand (reproduced in the picture) created by the Safeguard Consortium (, guaranteeing its origin. Widely used in renowned Made in Italy packages, it is good and healthy even consumed as it is, by virtue of its optimal organoleptic and nutritional properties. Just one example: it contains three times the polyphenols present in the Californian almond.

The Avola Almond name can only be used for three almond types, also known for being the most prized on the international markets:

– Pizzuta. It is characterized by a hard, smooth shell, dotted by small pores. Its extraordinary aroma and regular forms make it the favorite type for productions of the highest quality.

– Fascionello. It too has a delicate, appealing smell, but the form is less elegant, plump and sharp. It is used for cakes and pastries.

– Romana. It is characterized by its rich, full taste, but its tiny, irregular form make it almost exclusively ideal for use as an ingredient of typical Italian almond-based cakes.

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