Almonds for delicious Italian Protein

Almonds are the product of the beauty of an almond tree in flower. These Italian nuts provide the soul of many traditional desserts in Italy, including Tuscan Cantuccini biscotti, the Colomba Pasquale Easter cake, Torroni and Croccanti just to cite a few of the world famous examples using almonds. Protein in almonds also render them uniquely nutritious.

The most important Italian almonds regions stretch from the center to the south, with Sicily and Puglia at the forefront. Sicilian production is concentrated in the area around Agrigento, origin of Marzapane – a paste made from almonds, sugar and egg whites to make candy versions of the island’s typical fruit varieties (from watermelon to figs). The Apulian specialty on the other hand is almond milk, a natural energy drink perfect during hot Mediterranean summers and a good source of protein.

Tradition states that Italian almonds must accompany all of the happiest moments in life: birth, graduation, marriage and holiday festivities. Toasted and covered in a sweet coating, Italian almonds become confetti used to remember a happy event. Simply put, almonds are a healthy snack distinguished for their nutritional value and flavor.

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