Nuts, Italian Manufacturers

Nuts in Italy are eaten as a snack, or tasted in regional desserts and traditional recipes. The calories in nuts also mean they are a true member of the group of foods that combine health and taste. Italian nuts are a patrimony that includes hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts, permeating Italy’s food and culinary tradition, especially in the regions that are best suited for their production.

Commonly used in fillings for some of the most famous sweets in the world – Tozzetti, Cantucci, Pampepato, Pangiallo, Zelten, Torrone and Gubana, to mention a few – nuts make many local specialties inimitable. Rich in polyunsaturated fats, and a good source of protein, nuts are a fundamental part of the Mediterranean diet.

Nutrition experts and scientists have repeatedly confirmed the beneficial role of nuts in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory disorders and cholesterol problems. For greatest benefits, Italian nutritional guidelines recommend eating them daily in moderation due to their concentration in calories. Though it can be hard, try to limit yourself to a handful.


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