Mandarin symbology properties

Have you ever dreamed of a mandarin? It is a symbol of good fortune, above all for what regards the economic sphere. A lucky charm, (often referred to as tangerine). Due to the outstanding nutritional mandarin properties, it is widely recognized as ideal in a healthy diet. It is an excellent source of minerals and vitamins. Mandarin properties aside, it is well known to the Italians, who make it a main element of the Christmas period marking the Bingo numbers with its roasted peel.

The word “mandarin” refers in Italian to both the tree and the fruit. In Italy there are many regions famous for the cultivation of this citrus, especially in the south, where Sicily and Calabria play the leading role. It is no coincidence that the richest variety is named “Palermo” and if the most common mandarin on the stalls of markets comes from that climatic wonder called Conca d’Oro (Golden Basin). Well-known is the “Late Ciaculli”, it matures later in the season (January to April) than the Havana (November to beginning of the year) and therefore it is sweeter.

Mandarin calories are relatively high (between 50 and 60 k – calories per 100 g), but also utilized extensively in the kitchen, in making liquor, mandarin mustard and sorbets.

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