lemons made in italy

types of lemons

types of lemons

Types of Lemons

Types of lemons with different features but similan properties characterize specific regions and Italian territories. The South of Italy stands out as a true garden, giving the rest of the country an extraordinary proliferation of lemons. The agricultural culture hands down the cultivation in pots and in the ground, always ensuring a well fertilized and drained soil and an exposure primarily to the East, to bring out their intrinsic properties.

The most popular types of lemons are the ‘femminello’ and ‘primofiore’. The former, capable of blooming multiple times throughout the year, is almost a symbol of Gargano and the region of Puglia. The latter, characterized by an early flowering, is very much present in Sicily and Campania. These two varieties are grown mainly for food, unlike the vanilla lemon (a round fruit, and the plants are usually small), the production of which is extended only for ornamental purposes, and the volkamericano, useful for hybridization.

The cedar tree, an ancient native mother plant, is also widespread in the Italian tradition and customs. Used to make preserves, its yellow fruits with a thick peel, can reach considerable size and weight.

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