lemons made in italy

italian lemons

italian lemons

Italian Lemons a Cultural Trademark

Flower beds and compositions of Italian lemons run along the old manor houses, the yellow, green and orange of different types of lemons, color the drywalls in the hilly Italian countryside, among the cobbled streets of the villages you can easily find the inviting smell of dishes and recipes with lemons.

The people of Italy (either Italian natives or not) consider this citrus a component of their civilization, culture and cuisine. Typical, in fact, is a little glass of liquor at the end of an Italian meal (like limoncello, or herbal preparations) where it is the peel that plays a leading role. But not only that, custard is one of the mostrly used recipes by Italian chefs with this fruit, many sweets are renowned (sorbet and ice cream in the first place) and pasta, too, can be cooked with several types of Italian lemons (creamy noodles, for example, an extremely tasty recipe).

So rooted in the tradition that Italo Svevo makes them a panacea for the ills in his ‘Confessions of Zeno’; Ichnusa, a few months ago started producing its Radler (beer and lemonade), the excellent Italian lemons of Trapani PGI are very successful abroad and ever more itineraries from Sicily to the Garda Lake are done following the lemon trail.


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