lemons made in italy

Lemons, Great Properties and Types

Lemons have been grown for over a millennium. The origins of this plant are uncertain, they are found in China already in the late 900 AD but the great properties of lemons date back to the times of the Romans. There are numerous types of lemons, each territory and nation distinguishes itself for a specific crop, with a particular appearance and the degree of acidity, but the properties remain unchanged.

Italians started growing lemons around the year 1000, the first records are in Sicily and in 1400 in Liguria. The most famous Italian lemons are produced in Sicily and in Campania (Capri), but they are present in every region in Italy. The two renowned types of lemons are  the Italian “femminello” and “primofiore”, the former is a specialty of Puglia.

The Italian peninsula is the main producer  in the Mediterranean, reaching the tenth position in the world, with 550 thousand tons annually.

30% of the weight of the fruit is given by the skin, utilized to make essential oils, while 50% is contained in the juice, used as a refrigerant, and a preservative ingredient in many dishes (vinaigrette, cakes, marinated meat, sometimes replacing vinegar). They are very rich in vitamin C (0.5 g / l) and low in calories (35 kcal / 100 g).

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lemons made in italy

types of lemons

Types of Lemons Types of lemons with different features but similan properties characterize specific regions and Italian territories. The South of Italy stands out as a true garden, giving the rest of the country an extraordinary proliferation of lemons. The agricultural culture hands...

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