kiwi fruit

kiwi fruit properties

kiwi fruit properties

Kiwi fruit properties: an Italian favourite

Kiwi fruit properties…, an original fruit of southern China, where it was cultivated seven centuries ago in honor of the emperor, as a decoration and for its outstanding properties. After being imported to England and New Zealand, it began its strong Italian expansion: farmers in Italy are now the world’s top kiwi producers, with a cultivation of more than 410 thousand tons per year!

An Italian commercial miracle, all due to its related nutritional and organoleptic properties. The Italian kiwi cultivation, or the so called “Chinese gooseberry” (nineteenth century name), sees a boost in the 80s, in territories with a favorable climate, especially in that of Latina (Italian town in Lazio).

And if a food enters into the reality of great farming, the Italian culinary culture cannot remain indifferent. There are many Italian chefs that combine this sweet and sour fruit with swordfish, using it in the preparation of fruit desserts, but also in sauces or gravies. A versatile fruit, genuine, unique.

Kiwi properties: very rich in vitamin C, iron, minerals, copper, folic and ascorbic acid and antioxidants, it is characterized by the presence of fibers, perfect properties for the conclusion of a meal.


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