kiwi fruit

kiwi benefits

kiwi benefits

kiwi fruit benefits, outstanding qualities

Kiwi fruit benefits. It is difficult to talk about food “benefits”, nutrition is a vast field, where there are no magical recipes, but a healthy lifestyle and approach to eating. However in the case of kiwis, a fruit with extraordinary nutritional properties, it is not wrong to make an exception.

Familiar properties to Italian consumers since the Italian kiwi is conquering the world, with production, consumption and exports in constant growth.

Kiwi properties: there are many reasons why we associate the words “kiwi” and “benefits”, primarely because of the high content of vitamin C (more than an orange or two lemons). This peculiarity makes it an ally in winter to couteract the flu and colds. The presence of ascorbic and folic acid contributes to two other nutritional properties. The former gives this fruit a sour taste, a significant amount of antioxidants and it improves blood circulation. The latter important for pregnant women, promoting the development of the fetus. This fruit contains also magnesium and iron (perfect against stress and fatigue), calcium, phosphorus and minerals. A fruit that helps the gums and eyes, too, and it can reduce triglycerides.

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