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italian kiwi

italian kiwi

Italian kiwi, a unique fruit with outstanding properties

Italian kiwi. Yes indeed, although this fruit is native to southern China, nowadays the Italian peninsula stands on the top step of the podium among world producers with more than 410 thousand tons a year. The credit for its booming in the Italian territory goes to its nutritional and organoleptic special properties, that are normally pointed out as “benefits” brought by this extraordinary type of fruit.

About half of the crop of Italian kiwis, often deriving from “Hayward” cultivars (or varieties), is intended for export to foreign countries. The city of Latina, in Lazio, an Italian central region, is the largest producer of this produce, with dedicated areas for the Italian fresh domestic consumption and crops set for the demands of international customers.

Italian kiwi fruit properties: high in nutrients and low in calories, it is not a mistake to call them “benefits”. This extraorinary fruit is full of vitamins (vitamine C amounts superior to oranges), antioxidants, fiber, potassium, copper, iron and folic acid. The antioxidant properties of kiwi have received attention as possible mechanisms for their health-promoting effects, and the benefits of kiwi make it the best dietary choice.


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