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Kiwi fruit: 100% Italian!

Kiwi. Named after the New Zealand Kiwi bird, it’s a fruit with extraordinary properties and unknown to most, it is at the top of the Italian charts for fruit in the areas of production and export. Indeed, Italy is a major producer of fruit in Europe and with this crop it exceeds any landmark, being the first manufacturer in the world, with over 410 thousand tons per year, half of which are sold abroad.

The precious nutritional kiwi properties are unique: it is almost be considered as a natural dietary supplement. A kiwi, in fact, contains more vitamin C than an orange, exhibiting a strong presence of fibers that can help and encourage proper digestion and are rich in antioxidants. Kiwis provides 10% of the RDA for folic acid, important for expectant mothers and works to produce red blood cells, they have a low glycemic index, all with a relatively low energy value. In one hundred grams we find approximately 80 kcal. A jewel, as well as a yummy fruit.

The excellent Italian kiwi is particularly appreciated by chefs, who elaborate delicious recipes that can enhance the dietetic and organoleptic properties. Some examples? Baskets of pastry (a classic with kiwi and strawberry), tarts, cheesecake with kiwi, sweet sushi, skewers with cream and cakes.

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kiwi fruit

kiwi benefits

kiwi fruit benefits, outstanding qualities Kiwi fruit benefits. It is difficult to talk about food “benefits”, nutrition is a vast field, where there are no magical recipes, but a healthy lifestyle and approach to eating. However in the case of kiwis, a fruit with...

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