Italian Grapes

Red Grapes

Red Grapes

Red grapes, nutrition and zest

Red grapes are full of healthful bounty. For every 100 grams of them calories in red grapes add up to just 61, and this fruit is able to provide a serious energy kick. Detoxifying, antioxidant and diuretic, red grapes nutrition is as complete as they are great to snack on.

Purple in color, with a tendency towards fuchsia or burgundy, they are similar in calories to their white counterparts, but offer a spike in quercetin and resveratrol. These two antioxidants are considered solid allies to good health, and are also present in red wines – which is why it is advisable (in the right amount and during meals) more than whites.

Like fruit in general, they have calming attributes. Fructose, where their calorie content stems from, and other nutrients are within the pulpy center. Here mineral salts such as zinc, potassium, iron and calcium reside in quantity. However, for the entire nutritional impact, the grape has to be consumed whole, including skin and seeds (completely edible) that contain phenols, fiber, polyunsaturated fats, vegetable wax and phytosterol, all excellent nutrition for the organism.

Widely used in the production of wine, it is cultivated less compared to its paler cousin. Some of the most widespread varietals in Italy are Moscato d’Amburgo, Red Globe and Rosada.

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