Italian Grapes

Italian grapes, ideal fruit

Italian grapes are a delight. Among fresh fruit, it is at the top of the list of the most calorific. A portion of 150 g holds just 100 calories, but the this amazing food is also rich in other qualities. Whether it is Italian red grapes, white, table, wine, simple or Muscat, in its numerous varieties it is a source of vitamins minerals and antioxidants, with an irresistible, refreshing taste.

Markets in Italy are full of Italian grapes from July to November, and three are recognized by the Italian protected geographic indication certification. Two Sicilian: Mazzarrone, cultivated between the provinces of Catania and Ragusa, and Canicattì, harvested near Agrigento and Caltanissetta; in addition to a varietal native to Puglia encompassing the entire region that makes up the “heel” of the boot.

Tasty and healthy, diabetics shouldn’t eat too many of this fruit as they can have a sugar content of up to 18%, in glucose and fructose, which increases as they mature. To make up for it, each grape boasts potassium and vitamin C.

The whole plant is loaded with beneficial properties. Some substances present in the leaves, seeds (in particular in red grapes) and roots show effective hypocholesteric, vein protection and antioxidant activity. Italian grapes are widely used in the phytotherapy and cosmetics sectors.

Italian Grapes

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