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Red grapes

Red grapes, calories and properties of cluster fruit

Red grapes, a full of healthy goodness. With 61 Calories every 100 grams, is among the fruit with a high energy content. Characterized by property really ample healthful, it is detoxifying, antioxidant, diuretic.

Purplish in color, tending to fuchsia or burgundy, land red grape varieties bring calories to a similar extent tothe most numerous white grapes. But they offer a greater amount of quercetin and resveratol, antioxidants considered useful allies for well-being e also present in red wines, therefore recommended - in the right doses during meals - more than whites.

Like all fruit, it has a calming effect. Like fructose, from which the calories of the fruit descend, the nutrients are concentrated mainly in the pulp of the berry, an excellent source of mineral salts, such as zinc, potassium, iron and calcium. But it is better to eat it whole, without discarding the peel and seeds, which in addition to being fully edible contain the precious phenols, as well as fiber, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vegetable waxes and phytosterols, all with precious properties for the body.

Widely used for the production of wine, it is decidedly less cultivated than the white one. Among the most common crops stand out Muscat of Hamburg, Redo Globe and Rosada.


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