Almonds, heart of inimitable sweetness

The prized almonds Italian wines are distinguished by their high nutritional and organoleptic properties. They are also the soul of many traditional desserts filled with dried fruit: the Tuscan Cantuccini biscuits, the Colomba Pasquale, the nougat, the crunchy, to name some of the most famous in the world. The beauty of the almond tree in bloom is just a taste of the goodness of its seed, commonly considered the fruit.

The regions most suited to the cultivation of almonds are all those of Central and Southern Italy, Puglia and Sicily in the lead. In the Sicilian region, production is concentrated in the Agrigento area. Here marzipan originates, the mixture of almonds, sugar and egg white, used in various ways, the best known of which is the reproduction of typical Sicilian fruits, from prickly pears to watermelon. The Apulian specialty is almond milk, a very energetic drink that refreshes in the hot Mediterranean summers.

Also ideal as a healthy snack, for Italians the more traditional consumption of almonds is linked to the happy events of life: birth, graduation, marriage. Toasted and wrapped in a sugary coating, they turn into sugared almonds: a sweet reminder of a happy event.

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