Clementine Oranges

Clementine Oranges

Clementine unique properties and beneficial calories

“After the orange comes the clementine“. Legendary nutritional properties, they are loved and preferred on the shelves of supermarkets for their virtues and relatively few calories. the clementine accompanies to a sweeter taste than tangerines a fragrant flesh and seedless characteristics that places it on the podium as one of the children’s favorite fruits.

The clementine tree was born out of a hybrid, but it might be more correct to speak of a “marriage”, seeing the results. Some trace the original clementine to ancient Japan, while highly supported theories would see this plant discovered in Oran (Algeria) by a certain father Clement Rodier, hence the name.

The Italian production is concentrated in Calabria, Sicily and Puglia, with two typical geographical indications: the Calabrian and the Gulf of Taranto PGI. The Sicilian cultivation is distinguished by two varieties: Agro di Catania and Paternò. Clementines (or “mandarin”) need attention and care, the trees, in fact, bear fruit slowly and unevenly.

A clementines is very low in calories, 45 kcal per 100 g. By virtue of their richness in vitamins and minerals with antioxidant properties, they have many proven health benefits.

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