blood oranges

blood oranges

Blood Oranges, Genuinely Sicilian

Blood oranges were introduced to Europe when the first trade routes opened to the East. Sicilian blood oranges are known for their crimson flesh. Citrus found ideal conditions in Sicily, so much so that they are considered among the best in the world. This Italian fruit holds a protected geographical indication, and is cultivated near the towns of Lentini, Carlentini, Francofonte and in some of the provinces of Syracuse and Catania.

The IGP recognizes three varieties of Sicilian blood orange: Tarocco, Moro and Sanguinello. All are characterized by a bright orange peel, with hints of red according to the specific type and the time of cultivation. The aroma of Sicilian blood oranges can be described as an intense and persistent zest, sweet in flavor with a slightly acidic finish.

The production of blood oranges follows the centuries of tradition that govern the countryside. Rules dictate that each must be hand-picked using nothing more than a pair of clippers. They are cut at the stem with careful attention not to damage the fruit, or compromise its preservation. Once harvested, they are chosen based on their size, then taken to juicers, or distributed to produce markets throughout the globe. Just another way Sicilian blood gets around!

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