Apples, Best of Italian Fruit

Apples are among the most utilized Italian fruit in the kitchen. Types of apples and the recipes they are employed in vary and enrich the gastronomy of Italy, as well as provide a healthy and wholesome snack. In spite of the fact that the natural ripening period for apples stretches from August to mid-October, they a “deseasonalized” kinds of fruit, and available throughout the year. This is due to the cultivation of a multitude of types of apples, and modern preservation techniques.

Apples are cultivated in all Italian regions, especially mountainous and their foothills – places like Valle d’Aosta, Piemonte, Veneto and Trentino/Alto Adige-Süd Tirol. In the bel paese alone, about 2,000 different types of apples are produced, including Annurca, Renetta, Fuji, Seuka, Stark and Golden Delicious.

What is the secret of their extraordinary nutritional properties? In large part, this is traced to dietary fiber, called pectin, that apples are rich in. This polysaccharide helps control cholesterol levels, regularized intestinal function and keep the appetite at bay. Apples are 85% water, with the remaining 15% containing citric acid, zinc, cellulose, magnesium and a number of essential vitamins. Without going into clichés, they are simply good for you!

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