Fruit juice

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Fruit Juice, Natural and Delicious

Italian fruit juice means the fresh-squeezed, separated from the pulp kind that is made using a wide variety of ingredients. Natural fruit juice even comes in concentrate, requiring just the addition of water to enjoy its freshness. The most common Italian juice is created with fruit like oranges or apples, and consumption of these beverages is increasing as people begin to pay more attention to a healthy diet.

Pear, tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple and tomato are popular varieties enjoyed by shoppers in Italy. The country’s climate offers an incredible selection any time of year. Innovative techniques such as evaporation, drying, and pasteurisation are used in the production process to ensure safety and quality where ever the final destination may be. They are also not to be confused with incorrectly named nectars and other drinks, which can contain artificial additives, and low percentages of fruit.

By Italian law, all cartons or bottles of natural fruit juices must always feature an informative label for the juice’s origin and nutritional qualities to be clear to consumers, so that they are sure to be giving themselves and their children the best.

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Fruit juice

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