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succhi verdura antVegetable juice, a new addition to the table

Delicious vegetable juice is a great food to introduce into the daily diet, just as worthy as fruit juice. A good vegetable drink can be enjoyed as an aperitif (especially those containing palate-cleansing rocket) and even drunk with breakfast.

The key to the health benefits of these juices is their rapid absorption by the body, which assimilates the nutritional value in a matter of minutes. It not only quickly satisfies the appetite but hydrates and is an antioxidant too, having a beneficial effect on the immune and digestive systems and the circulation.

Although mixed fruit and vegetable juice has been commercially available in Italy for many years now (an outstanding example is Ace, made with orange, carrot and lemon), today vegetable drinks are becoming ever more popular. This is due to, for instance, the abundance of vitamins in carrots or the stimulating qualities of celery.

Sipping” cabbage, apart from being excellent for the metabolism, also means supporting the cultivation of Italian-grown vegetables, the leading European country for organic agriculture and integrated pest control, keeping the use of pesticides and chemicals to a minimum.

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