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Fruit Juice Brands

Fruit Juice Brands

Fruit juice Brands, Wonders of Italian Agriculture

Italy’s fruit juice brands account for a whopping 30% of the EU total, a percentage that proves Italian fruit juice has made the country, in addition to its garden, also Europe’s orchard. These numbers make Italian juice some of the most prolific on the map, carefully selecting the bounty of the Mediterranean sun for a variety of products marked by the high values of freshness, taste and innovation. 

The landscape for juice brands on the peninsula is as varied as the different types of fruit utilized. It is a highly fragmented industry with the top three brands representing just 40% of output, leaving ample space for their smaller counterparts to flourish in mass and niche markets both at home and abroad. Growing diversification requires them to be flexible and efficient, with time to market and distribution channels among key factors in maintaining their unmistakable quality. 

The range of fruit juices they offer follow rigorous labelling practices that quantify the minimum amount of fruit content for each product. “Fruit juice” must contain 100%, “fresh-squeezed” can only be that derived from citrus, while “nectar” is the term used for lesser percentages, offering consumers incomparable zest for any season.

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