Fruit, Harness the Benefits of Healthy Eating

Italian fruit is a quality product of the Italian soil, the zesty output holding flavor that only sunshine and respect for the land can bring. Consumers can recognize Italian fruit in the unique level of taste through which the benefits of eating fruit are amplified.

There is a wide variety of Italian fruit that is ideal for cultivation in different areas of Italy, making the country one of Europe’s foremost producers in terms of value and selection. Italian farmers use everything from manual to state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to allow for the preservation of farming’s most precious resources. Over 20% of Italian farmland uses water-saving irrigation systems (drip or micro). Italian fruit is cultivated in complete harmony with keeping rural zones beautiful and plentiful.

The Ministry of Health implements rigorous controls. Authorities then certify the absence of residual harmful substances in Italian produce that, compared to other EU countries, proves to be among the safest on the market. Year round, the belpaese produces a cornucopia that is delicious, sustainable, and ready to enjoy.


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