From Europe Things Looking East

2012 was a positive year for exports of Italian pasta and sweets. The results were highlighted in data presented by Aidepi, the association that represents the interests of the pasta and sweets industry – including breakfast cereals, chocolate and cocoa-based products, ice cream, biscuits, pastries, as well as baked goods. The boost provided by exports is allowing the sector to grow and consolidate, as GIFT Media Partner Distribuzione Moderna reports. International trade in pasta grew by 6.8% in value and 1.8% in volume compared to 2011. Sweets did even better with exports showing +11% value and 6.2% in quantity.
The winds are blowing east, where markets have proved to be the most promising for pasta and sweets. For pasta, Ukraine showed +34.9% and 32.9% respectively, and outside of Europe, Japan recorded +4.7% and +10%, China +42% and +49.5%, and Russia +13% and +9%. India’s whopping +20.6% and 22.8% is also of great interest. As for sweets, Asia was second only to Europe in boosting exports. In particular, Turkey doubled imports from Italy with a respective +169.2% and +133% in value and volume terms.