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Pizzoccheri, a delicious recipe

Pizzoccheri, (pee-tzz-oka- ree) typical of the alpine region of Lombardy, called Valtelllina. The traditional recipe for pizzoccheri created by Meluzza Comasca that, according to tradition, was a famous cook, one who has come up with “the lasagne eating ” as well as the Valtellina pizzoccheri. A demiurge figure of many types of fresh pasta (probably made up) a metaphor that traces their first appearance, prior to 1548, when Hortensius Landi talks about them in his book printed in Venice. He most likely had the pleasure to enjoy a portion of pizzoccheri in Teglio in his living room in 1500.

The particular color feature is given by two different flours: buckwheat (2/3) and white flour. The real recipe for pizzoccheri, a fresh pasta obtained by mixing these with water flattened and cut just like tagliatelle, creating strips between 7 to 30 centimeters long, then seasoned with sugar beet, potatoes, cabbage and Valtellina Casera cheese (for the true Valtellina pizzoccheri).

The name  “pizzoccheri” derives from “Pinzocheri” to refer to people of little importance. Those who have tried it can confirm that it is a unique recipe dish. Make this recipe at home or buy an Italian product, for a special Valtellina – style evening.

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