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Orecchiette authentic recipe from Puglia

Orecchiette, a popular recipe all over the world, many speak of this size of fresh pasta typical of Italy’s heel (and in Basilicata). A classic recipe for orecchiette is the renowned “turnip greens orecchiette “, but sauces with ricotta and tomato are also very well-known. They resemble small ears (hence the name), with different sizes depending on the place of production.

The origin of orecchiette is as old as its manual tradition.  Latin writer Varrone describes them talking about “lixulae” while we can find a reference in a deed of 1500, when a father leaves an oven in inheritance to his daughter, pointing out as a dowry her ability to prepare “recchiettede”. Some would see in the orecchiette the roofs of the trulli, but it is likely that their history begins with the rule of the Anjou in southern Italy, since in Provence they were already producing something similar.

The real recipe for orecchiette calls for the combination with this fresh pasta and turnip greens. Ingredients for delicious orecchiette (fresh) are: wheat flour, water and salt. The particular shape is given by using your thumb and by pulling the dough down. A simple eggless recipe (perfect for vegans), a truly unforgettable culinary experience!

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