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Traditional taste tagliatelle recipe

Let's go back to the original prescription di noodles to the city of Bologna, where the homogeneous fresh pasta described already a century BC, by Horace and Cicero, is cut for the first time to resemble the hair of the beautiful host Lucrezia Borgia. Among the most famous types of Italian fresh pasta, to make the true recipe of Bolognese tagliatelle it is necessary to use materials without additives and not genetically modified. Only in this way does the authentic flavor manifest itself in the recipe.

Porous tagliatelle, capable of retaining the sauce, delicate on the palate but thick enough not to crumble, require quality ingredients and for this reason it is always advisable to check the origin and the factory of origin, giving an obvious priority to Italian brands.

If you prefer "homemade" (it is possible even if you do not have a machine to roll out the dough), mix well each ingredient of the recipe and carefully prepare the pasta. Noodles require few (first-rate) elements: fresh eggs, wheat flour, salt. If you want to experiment with a different recipe (colored for example) you can use other types of flours (chestnuts or black buckwheat to have them gluten free) or foods (spinach or chilli are a classic).


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