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Cappelletti, served in broth and it’s Christmas

Cappelletti, (little hats) often eaten “in broth”, are the typical dish of a part of Emilia Romagna  (for this known to most precisely with the name of “cappelletti romagnoli”), cappelletti are a fresh pasta, cut into squares filled with a meat mixture.

Cappelletti and tortellini differ in appearance, particularly due to how the dough is closed, and the territory, detail that usually leads to a variation of fillings. In the area of Ravenna, for example, small cappelletti are vegetarian, they are in fact cooked only with a heart of cheese (or ricotta or raveggiolo and Parmesan, as prescribed by a medieval recipe), while in other areas it is customary to add capon, however still differing from the Bologna variant.

Made by kneading the flour with the eggs, resulting in a golden fresh pasta dumpling, a tiny box containing a precious treasure. The “azdore” (Emilia Romagna housewives) would work on a wooden surface: under their skillful hands the best dishes of cappelletti in broth came to life.

The customs and tradition bind the tasty Emilia Romagna cappelletti with two traditions: their place in a white bowl in the middle of the table and the bold challenge to those who, among the guests, will be able to eat more. Enjoy your meal!


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