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Pappardelle ideas, recipes of sheer pleasure

Pappardelle is almost an onomatopoeic term that derives directly from the Latin word “pappa” and “pappare“, i.e. eat with childlike joy. The name brings to mind recipes with game, where fresh pasta and meat are combined to create a combination difficult to achieve with other types of fresh pasta.

The famous pappardelle are simply bigger, fresh dough rolled out with the same ingredients: eggs and wheat flour. According to some information (we have no sure historical sources), one of the types of pasta originating in Tuscany, a region in which they used to cook recipes using chestnuts grained to a powder, sometimes without egg.

Pappardelle and most common recipes are: pappardelle “on” hare (because of the large amount of sauce), pappardelle with wild boar ragù (or bolognese).

Fettuccine, typical Roman, but much smaller, are considered direct cousins of pappardelle. Recipes of well-known “fettucce” (stripes) are “alla romana“, “all’abruzzese” and worldwide “Alfredo“, dating back to a simple recipe of Rome’s Dolce Vita.

Vegan recipes seasoned with fresh spicy vegetables are also becoming very popular nowadays.

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