Fresh pasta

Fresh pasta authenticity of a recipe

Do you love fresh pasta? Remember there is only one way to do it: get your hands dirty and choose each ingredient of the recipe wisely. It is a symbol of made in Italy food: with it you can package, in fact, several types of pasta, such as tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagne and macaroni. The same stuffed variety has a coating for the filling prepared with a sheet of  fresh dough.

Necessary ingredients suitable for an excellent, authentic, fresh pasta, are just two: eggs and wheat flour, sifted (about 100 g or 110 per egg). The real recipe of fresh pasta does not require water, but a constant manual processing to obtain a homogeneous mixture, in which the properties of its two elements will be brought out. To get a result up to the traditional recipe it is important to select high quality types of produce, fresh and with a certified provenance, excluding GMOs a priori.

The secular experience recommends the creation of a fountain and to mix the two main actors slowly with a fork (in order to whisk together the egg yolks and white), to then go on a pastry board to work it harder, by hand, until obtaining a consistent ball. In cases of lack of time it is a must to rely on the Italian production.

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Fresh pasta


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Fresh pasta

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