Freeze and Eat!

polaretti 1

Polaretti are ready-to-freeze Italian popsicles made with real fruit juice, and a perfect example of a product that has literally conquered the market. They are still in liquid form at the time of purchase, conveniently packaged in ten or twenty 40ml blister packs, so there is no need to worry about them melting during the trip home, or any place in the world for that matter.

Once in the freezer, it takes just three hours for the Polaretti to transform themselves into refreshing popsicles in flavours like strawberry, orange, lemon and cherry. Polaretti popsicles are free of preservatives and low in calories (33.1kcal each). Every package contains a small toy or gadget for children.

No one could have imagined the enormous success that this unfrozen popsicle would achieve. Polaretti popsicles are so well known, that Italian consumers commonly refer any product in its category as a polaretto (sound familiar?). Thanks to the innovation of its producer, Dolfin, it is the market leader in Italy with an annual production capacity of some 4,000 tons of popsicles per year.