taleggio cheese

Taleggio, the born "tired"

Taleggio cheese is distinguished from other typical Italian cheeses for its creamy texture and straw yellow color. It takes its name from the Lombard valley of the same name lying between the provinces of Bergamo and Lecco. The production area also includes the territories of Brescia, Como, Cremona, Lodi, Pavia, the Milanese area, Novara in Piedmont and Treviso in Veneto.

The villagers began to produce it to preserve the milk that was not consumed fresh and the first historical evidence dates back to the Middle Ages. From the Renaissance onwards, people started talking about “stracchino di Milano”. This particular denomination, which today in Italy identifies a whole family of cheeses, derives from the dialectal term “stracch”, that is fatigued, as in fact the cows were after the period of stay in the mountain pastures.

The official baptism of Taleggio cheese comes in 1944, when it is mentioned for the first time in Italian legislation. On March 14, 1979 the Taleggio Protection Consortium was established in Crema. The attribution of the DOP mark dates back to 1996.

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